Terms of Service/License Policies

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This GMCMHWiki is provided for research and educational uses of the GMC Motorhome community.

There are no guarantees here and you have no rights of redress if this wiki is down or discontinued. Every effort will be made, however, to pass ownership and administration of this wiki on to another member or members of the GMC Motorhome community should the current administrator not be able to continue operating it.

Content you place here is your responsibility; any content that constitutes an obvious, prima facie copyright violation will be taken down. So, in general, please get permission if you're posting someone else's work. If the person has passed, as can be the case in the GMC MH community, please at least attempt to contact a close relative to receive permission (and note the permission in a credit line with the original author's name and the name of the grantor of the permission). Part of the point of this wiki is preservation of the great work and insights of prior-generation POs, and in some cases preservation of materials is preferable to having those ideas and insights perish along with their author.

Content here is created or repurposed under a Creative Commons Zero public domain license, meaning all rights from authors are waived, the content is dedicated to the public domain as soon as it is published, and anyone may use the content in a derivative work.

EXCEPTIONS: Some archival photography is used here which is sourced from GM publicity or marketing materials or manuals.

TO COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: If any valid or even plausible copyright claim is made regarding any content on this site, it will be immediately removed.