TZE VIN Decoding

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A line of aerodynamic motorhomes moves toward the camera down a factory assembly line.
Motorhomes advance along the GMC assembly line in the mid-1970s. Pontiac, Michigan.

VIN Decoding[edit | edit source]

Example TZE165V101234[edit | edit source]
T Manufactured by General Motors
Z 3 Axle Motorhome
E Gasoline Engine
1 Interior Code

"1" - GM Interior from 1975 to 1978

"0" - GM Interior from 1973 to 1974

"2" - Twin Bed Interior from 1976 to 1977

"3" - Transmode(sold without interior or windows)

6 Model

"6" - Model 260(26 feet long)

"3" - Model 230(23 feet long)

5 Model Year (1975)
V Manufacturing Plant Code

"V" - Pontiac, Michigan

1 First Digit of Production Series Number

All production started with "1"

0 Since total production was less than 13,000, all GMC Motorhomes had a zero in this position
1234 Production Sequence Number (the 1,234th coach produced for that model year)

Interior/Exterior Finish Code[edit | edit source]

A line of motorhomes backed up to a raised platform, without their rear panels and with a ramp set into the interior for each coach.
GMC Motorhomes, with rear caps removed, wait in a line to have their interiors fitted out.
If the motorhome was furnished with a GMC interior, the Service Parts Identification Label in the glovebox identifies the interior finish model.[edit | edit source]
641 Kingsley
681 Glenbrook
683 Edgemont
685 Coca Cola
690 Sequoia
692 Painted Desert
693 Glacier
695 Canyon Lands
696 Eleganza I
698 Palm Beach

Source: What's in a Number? by Dave Greenberg, March 1997