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Welcome to the GMC Motorhome Wiki. If you're familiar with Wikipedia, this is based on the same software that Wikipedia is based on; it works just the same.*

The GMC Motorhome Wiki is intended to be an all-purpose site for accumulating the knowledge of the GMC community. If it becomes significant, and there is interest, control and ownership will be ceded to a voluntary board so that my immediate promise to maintain it can be made fully sustainable.

To contribute, you don't need an account, even. But please create one so that your work is credited.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Be good, do good, and take good care of your TZE.

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NOTE: Some parts of the MediaWiki interface are hard-coded. The File Upload dialog box, for instance, carries a "This is my own work" checkbox which can't be amended. So for the purposes of this wiki, please consider that text to be: "This is my own work -or- I have permission from the original author and I'm crediting them -or- the content is reasonably expected due to age to be in the public domain." Thanks.

Bob C.

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